Dear Di

On behalf of Tara, Jade, and myself I would like to thank you very much for being the person that conducted the funeral service for Marilyn yesterday.

The Eulogy was so good, actually exceptional for someone that had not met Marilyn.

A great job.

As you had not met with her parents, your sensitivity towards them met with their approval, as were  very mindful of all the family when putting it together. Again many thanks for your work, but also your assistance with choreographing the whole day.

Yours Sincerely 



Dear Di, 

Thank you very much for helping to make Mum's funeral so very memorable. There were many comments from the family and friends on what a beautiful service it was. 

I feel sure that much of what we remembered is due to the way you do things, not just what is said. 

 Knowing how hard it is to use words well I am in awe of your skill in listening to our stories of mum, drawing out the most important parts, then knitting them together to show her in familiar ways, as well as in new ways. It gave me much to think about.

It also showed me how important it is to collect stories about our families, to bring to life the photos we pass on to following generations. 

Thank you for helping to share my mothers stories. 

With our sincere thanks and best wishes, 



My Dear Di, 

I have been very tardy in writing this note... each time I try I have been unable to go on. 

Thankyou, thankyou... for your beautiful service to Alex. 

I have had so many reports on what a wonerful service it was, and to you in particular on your presentation. 

I have sent a copy of the service to his brother overseas. he has just managed to to sit and read it, saying he felt that he was there, when reading the service. Also,  stating he learnt so much more about his brother.. things he didn't know. Such a shame..

Again, my deep heartfelt thanks from myself and the family.