Below you will find the links to the photographers whose images I have featured within the website.

Banner Images

Lauren Campbell
Perla Photography
Tom Blachford
Matt Elliott
Oak & Fawn Photography

Gallery Images

David Oastler (Brett & Jacqui)
Aparat Photography (James & Fiona)
Que - Studio One Rachel & Richard)
Christian Marc Photography (Sarah & Josh)
Leo Farrell (Katie and Jarred)
Natalie Davies Photography (Suze & Tim)


Helpful links


Victorian Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages -

LifeWorks Relationship Education -

Attorney General of Australia Marriage page -



Legal Information for Marrying Couples

  • Getting Married ~ everything you need to know about the legals ~ information from the Attorney-General's website
  • Notice of Intended Marriage ~ printable form in PDF format (63KB)
  • Births Deaths & Marriages Victoria